ASC PhD Scholarship

ASC PhD Scholarship for AY 2018-19

The mission of the American Society for Composites (ASC) is to provide a communication forum for the engineering and scientific community in composite materials, and to provide the growth of knowledge from interdisciplinary engineering and scientific research in composite materials. In keeping with this mission, ASC is pleased to announce an annual graduate student research scholarship grant program for formally enrolled Ph.D. students in engineering or science whose dissertation research is focused on some aspect of composite materials. Up to four awards will be given, each consisting of two parts. The first part is a grant of $1000 to the student to support the student’s research. The second part is re! imbursement of travel expenses up to $1250 including conference registration to help the student attend the annual ASC Technical Conference and accept the award at the conference banquet. University of Washington will host the next ASC Technical Conference in Seattle during September 24-26, 2018.

Nominations are invited from faculty advisors, who are also ASC members as of January 1, 2018. They are requested to submit the form below (next page) along with the supporting information electronically by Thursday May 31, 2018. Decisions will be announced by June 30, 2018.

More information can be found at the ASC website:

Advisors should submit the application form along with the following supporting information as one PDF file [1]:

1. Nominee’s resume;

2. A research statement (not exceeding 1250 words) written by the nominee including a brief summary of state of the art, objectives, methods, expected contributions, results to date, relevant figures, and references;

3. Nomination letter from the faculty advisor describing the qualifications of the! nominee for an ASC Scholarship;

4. Copy of the nominee’s university transcript; and

5. Additional reference letter from a person familiar with nominee’s research.

Items (1) through (4) above should be emailed directly by the advisor as one PDF file1 to Prof. B.V. Sankar at SANKAR@UFL.EDU by Thursday May 31, 2018. The additional reference letter should also be emailed by the reference directly to Prof. Sankar before the deadline. The reference letter can be from a person at the same university or another institution, industry or research laboratory.

Successful nominee(s) selected to receive the scholarship will be asked to arrange to send the official university transcript directly from the university registrar’s office.

[1] Several PDF documents can be merged into one at: