UW Conference Management

Green Meetings

Let us help you “green” your meeting!

We are happy to partner with you in the planning of more environmentally responsible events. We have the experience to help organizations save on costs at the same time as we find ways to reduce the environmental impacts typically associated with large meetings. We can consult and advise, as well as execute and manage the systems you desire which will help to “GREEN” your conference.

Areas we suggest looking at include:

  • selecting caterers who can provide local and organic food options
  • selecting vendors who have conservation and waste management plans in place
  • working with venues to reduce impacts with food and beverage handling
  • using suppliers for paper products and other materials who sell recycled and biodegradable wares
  • assisting conference participants to use efficient modes of transportation, including public transportation and ride sharing
  • considering carbon offsets to make your event carbon neutral
  • offering electronic and online communications and registration systems to eliminate or substantially reduce paper use
  • reduce waste through efficient recycling

Helpful hints for a green conference


  • Select paper products that can be composted or are refundable recyclables.
  • Donate excess food to your local food bank.
  • Serve food and drink on reusable dishware with reusable cutlery.
  • Provide participants with reusable cups.
  • Ask participants to bring their own travel mug.
  • Serve local food and beverages.


  • Provide ride-share and carpooling information.
  • Set up a free shuttle service.
  • Add links to public transportation websites.


  • Block rooms with lodging establishments who demonstrate a committment to sustainable practices.


  • Go paperless by using white boards to display conference information and schedules.
  • Send details out electronically ahead of time.
  • Provide adequate compost and recycling bins (and signage educating and reinforcing proper waste management) and locate bins strategically in every room.
  • Recycle name badge holders; provide badge collection bins at the end of your meeting.

For more information or to discuss greening solutions for your meeting, please contact:

Paul Del Piero
Interim Director
Phone: 206-211-6907