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Existing Guidelines for UW

There are some guidelines that represent views on what constitutes fair use for certain activities. These guidelines are not law and the guidelines do not apply to every use you may want to make. If your use fits within the guidelines, your use is generally considered fair. If your use does not fit within the guidelines, your use may or may not be fair and a full analysis of the fair use factors is required.

For use of printed materials in the classroom, check if your uses meets the brevity, spontaneity and cumulative effect criteria in the guidelines for educational copying of books and periodicals.

Sheet music for academic study, instruction and emergency copying for imminent performance, the guidelines for educational uses of music may be helpful.

If you are creating multimedia projects that use portions of a variety of copyright works, the educational uses of multimedia guidelines may give you an idea of generally acceptable portion and time limitations.

Certain taping of broadcast television programs are considered to be fair uses and are discussed in the off-air taping guidelines.

Copying images for use typically in art and architectural studies are addressed in the guidelines for visual resource collections.


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