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What new requirements are established under the TEACH Act?

To be in compliance, each institution must:

  • "Institute policies regarding copyright" (e.g. establish standards for employees and students)
  • Provide information materials about copyright to students, faculty, and staff
  • Provide notice to students when "materials… may be subject to copyright protection"
  • Limit the transmission of educational content to enrolled students
  • Prevent the storage of materials where that they are accessible to anyone besides enrolled students
  • Prevent the retention of materials by students for periods longer than the "class session"
  • Prevent the dissemination of materials

Additionally, individual instructors are obligated to:

  • Supervise the display or performance of copyrighted materials
  • Ensure that materials used are an integral part of "mediated instructional activities"
  • Ensure that materials used are not "typically purchased or acquired by the students" (i.e. textbooks)

The full text of the TEACH Act as passed by the Senate is available from the Legal Information Institute.

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