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Creating New Works

Checklist for rights in newly created works:

  • Who will own it?
  • Who will control how it is used?

  • What rights do developers have?

  • Who will secure rights to other content?

  • Who will assume liability for work?

Sorting Out Rights
Many works created at the university combine the creative efforts of several individuals and may use copyright elements from a variety of sources. How the relationship of the participants is managed and how rights to use existing content are obtained determine how the work can be used both within and outside the University.

You may find it helpful to use an asset inventory to make sure you have identified all the issues you need to know about when you create a new work.

Consider the Future
It is important to consider issues of ownership, control, financial interests, attribution and liability before a project begins so that rights are appropriately managed to support your intended purpose.

By considering how the work will be used and control how rights are established, you can ensure that you have the rights you need to use the work as you intend.

If you wait until the work is completed to consider rights, you may find that ownership is in dispute, or some individuals decide that you cannot use their contributions at which point you will have created a work that may be un-publishable because it may infringe on others’ rights.

Tools for Managing Copyright Issues
For more information on effectively managing the copyright issues that may arise in your project, see these pages: Assess UW interest, Establish control, Clarify responsibilities, Secure permissions, Obtain releases.

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Creating New Works
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Assess UW Interest
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