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Secure Permissions

Ensure you have rights:

  • To use copyright materials
  • For your intended purpose

If you are creating a work that involves content from a variety of sources, it is helpful to answer the following questions at the beginning of a project:

  • How will the project be used initially?
  • How might it be used in the future?
  • Will materials brought into the project be copied, adapted, distributed, displayed or performed?
  • Do you have rights to use the material?
  • What is the scope of those rights?

Content Created by Others
If materials are brought into the project from other sources, you will need to ensure that you have obtained sufficient rights to ensure that you can use the new work as intended.

Permission for Publishing
If you plan to publish the work, you generally should secure permission for your intended use.
You will need to describe your project and how the work will be used. You need to be clear when seeking permission that you obtain all the rights you need for your purpose. For example, if you intend to copy an entire work and display it on a web page that may be viewed by anyone, you need permission to reproduce the work and publish the work. Obtaining permission to do just those two things does not give you permission to modify or adapt the work, so if you intend to recast the work, you need to ask for that permission as well.

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