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Managing Rights

Managing copyright means:

  • Controlling how a work is used by others
  • Granting permissions and licenses

  • Responsibilities for the life of the copyright

The creation of new copyrighted works in the university raises complex copyright questions with respect to ownership of the new materials. It can be a daunting task to sort out authors from other contributors, establishing whether works are works made for hire or independent efforts, and considering whether a work is a joint work, a compilation, a derivative work, or it uses pre-existing content.

Without agreements to consolidate or transfer rights, copyright law will determine copyright ownership. Copyright owners, whether individual authors or University of Washington, may find they have insufficient rights to make it possible to share, publish and disseminate the work as they desire.

Once rights are established, rights are transferred only by an agreement and are generally enforced through litigation.

The following pages discuss the typical agreements and processes to manage copyright works: Consolidation, Assignment, Licensing, Enforcement


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Managing Rights
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