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  • Transfers ownership
  • May prevent your use of your work

An assignment is a transfer of the ownership of the copyright.

Example:  Selling your house 

The impact of assignment of a copyright work is that you no longer own it and therefore cannot freely use it. If you assign the rights in your work to a publisher, you give up any ownership interests you have in the work.

By assigning the copyright, if you want to include a significant part of the work in a course pack for one of your courses, or in a later publication, you will need to get permission from the publisher. This may mean you will possibly have to pay royalties to use what you authored. Since a copyright lasts for at least 70 years, even if your book goes out of print, you cannot reproduce it without permission.

Be cautious in assigning copyright to publishers and external entities. Make sure that you will be able to accomplish what you want in the future with the work you created.


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