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Outside Professional Work Policy

Outside professional work policy addresses

  • Consulting
  • Use of university-owned intellectual property

"The first obligation of members of the faculty and staff is the preparation for and carrying out of official University duties. Faculty and staff who are full-time are expected to devote full-time effort to their institutional responsibilities. At the same time, the University recognizes that individuals, the University, and the state benefit from faculty and staff involvement in and support of outside organizations and industry. Such involvement provides individuals opportunities to disseminate expert information outside of the traditional university employment structure while simultaneously providing individuals additional experiences, augmenting their ability to carry out their University responsibilities. The University benefits in its ongoing relationships with the local, regional, national, and international communities it seeks to serve." -- University Handbook, Volume Four, Part V, Chapter 6, Section 1.

About the Policy
The Outside Professional Work Policy can be found in the University Handbook, Volume Four, Part V, Chapter 6, Sections 1-8.

Relationship of the Outside Professional Work Policy to copyright
"Intellectual property in which the University may have an ownership interest may not be transferred by University employees while engaged in outside consulting. Intellectual property must be disclosed to the University pursuant to the University Patent, Invention, and Copyright Policy (Handbook, Volume Four, Part V, Chapter 7). Clauses in consulting agreements (including, but not limited to, clauses on confidentiality and ownership/transfer of intellectual property) must be consistent with the policy of the University and with University commitments under sponsored research agreements and shall be submitted for prior review by the employee when requesting permission to engage in outside consulting." -- University Handbook, Volume Four, Part V, Chapter 6, Section 6B.

Excerpts from University Handbook, Volume Four, Part V, Chapter 6, Sections 1-8 Outside Professional Work Policy

[Section 2. Outside Consulting Activities]

[Section 6. Involvement With Commercial Enterprise, Deeper Than Consulting]


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