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Control of UW owned works:

  • Author retains control of internal use
  • Author has input on external use

Internal UW Use
When the University has an ownership interest in copyrights, the copyright policy provides that instances of internal use of the works are subject to the approval of the author, while the author remains an employee of the University, unless that approval has been waived expressly or implicitly.

The author also has the right to request revisions or request that materials be withdrawn from use if revisions cannot be made as needed. The only charges allowed for internal use between departments or other units are those associated with incremental costs of internal transfer. Therefore, also, no royalties are shared on payments resulting from internal uses of copyright materials prepared within the scope of the Copyright Policy.

If there are disagreements regarding revisions in materials in which the University has invested significant funds, the Dean of the unit involved should mediate. If the author leaves University employment, the University has an unrestricted internal use right unless the University agrees otherwise.

External Use
External uses of copyright materials in which the University has an interest should be preceded by a written agreement specifying conditions of use, and the right of the author to revise or withdraw materials from use.


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