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Royalty Sharing

Revenue from licensing may be shared by:

  • Authors
  • Departments
  • Provost

The UW Copyright Policy and the Administrative Policy Statements on License Revenue provide for royalties to be shared in the licensing or sale of certain works created at the University of Washington.

No Royalties Shared
Royalties are not paid on works in the "University-owned" category, and are not paid on works transferred between UW units for an incremental charge.

Royalties Shared
The UW may share royalties with authors when works are used by external parties under UW TechTransfer license and the works are considered to be "University-Sponsored."

Recovery of Incremental Costs
Incremental costs incurred by the UW may be recovered prior to any royalty distribution. UW developers may develop a "project budget" which directs all or some of the licensing revenue to the project, provided appropriate approval has been granted.

Royalty Sharing

For "University-sponsored" revenue disclosed on or after July 1, 2003

Net Royalties, Equity, and License Fees Inventors, Authors Inventor's/ Author's Department/College University Research Funds
1/3 1/3 1/3

For more information, see the Administrative Policy Statements on License Revenue.


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