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Using Copyright

To know whether or not you can use a work created by someone else, you need to consider many factors about the work itself as well as define how you want to use the work.

Some uses of certain types of works are allowed without permission, others are not.

This section will help you figure out whether your use requires permission, and if so, how you go about getting it. If you're new to the topic, you may find it useful to read through the following sections in order.

Required Information
Find out what you need to know about a work before you can determine if you can use it

Obtaining Rights
Find out if your use is allowed without permission and if it isn't, how to get it

Guidelines: Fair Use
Review guidelines in use by academic institutions and in publishing

Evaluating Risks
Learn about what can happen if you use a work without permission

Common Uses
Discover what the law and guidelines say you can and can't do in various teaching-related activities

Compilations, Music, Images
Find out about complex copyright issues that arise with various types of works



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