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Electronic Reserves

Electronic reserves are available at UW:

  • Through OUGL
  • One time use only

What materials can you place on reserve without permission?

    Print reserves
  • Any material in the library's collection
  • Any printed materials in your collection

  • Photographs
    Electronic reserve
  • Works not protected by copyright

  • Your own work

  • Copyright protected materials if fair use applies

Why is there a difference between print and electronic reserves?
Copyright law governs making copies of works protected by copyright.

If you place a book on reserve in the library, no copies are made and many students may take turns reading the book. Copyright law does not restrict how a single copy of a work is circulated and thus an unlimited number of individuals can read the same copy of a book or journal without any violation of copyright law.

Placing printed materials on reserve in the libraries is an excellent way to make a single copy of a work available for students in a class.

The process of placing materials on electronic reserve necessarily involves making copies of the work to transfer the printed material to a digital version. Copyright law grants the copyright owner the exclusive right to make copies of a work and making copies without permission could be a violation of the owner's rights.

The TEACH Act of 2002 specifies the circumstances in which some analog works may be digitized for use in distance education.

How do you put materials on reserve at UW?
If you are interested in placing materials on reserve through the UW Libraries, you'll want to review the Instructor's Guide to Reserves, Ereserves, and Course Packs Frequently Asked Questions.


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