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Define your use

How are you going to use the work? Think about characterizing your intended use in terms of the following types of activities:

  • Reproduction
  • Adaptation
  • Distribution
  • Display
  • Performance
Exclusive Rights
A copyright gives the owner five main exclusive rights. Only the owner, and those authorized by the owner:
  • May reproduce the work in copies,
  • Adapt the work to a new form,
  • Distribute copies of the work to others,
  • Display the work in public
  • Perform the work in public. The second step in determining whether or not you can use a work owned by others is to define which of the owner's exclusive rights you are accessing.
Sometimes, users need to request permission for multiple rights.
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Visual Art & Moral Rights
In addition to the five main exclusive rights, works of visual art have the additional rights of integrity and attribution. These rights, called "moral rights" allow the author of a work to claim attribution of their work, prevent distorted versions of their work from being attributed to them and prevent destruction of their works. If you are intending to use a work of visual art, you will need to consider if your use accesses the moral rights as well.

The U.S. recognizes only some of the moral rights that are recognized internationally, but they should still be considered if you plan to use international works or if you plan to use the work in a state that recognizes moral rights.


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