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Life Course Nutrition: Maternal and Child Health Strategies in Public Health

Free online course highlighting the role of maternal and child nutrition in population health.

Washington State Survey of Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care

Read about Washington's first statewide survey about nutrition and physical activity for young children in child care!

Recent Research

Evaluating Washington State's Healthy Nutrition Guidelines: Report from a Baseline Evaluation of Executive Order 13-06
A report prepared for the Washington State Department of Health, September 2014. (full text)

Impact of San Francisco’s Toy Ordinance on Restaurants and Children’s Food Purchases
A new study led by Jennifer Otten and published in July 2014 in Preventing Chronic Disease examines the impact of San Francisco's Healthy Food Incentives Ordinance, which prevented restaurants from giving away free toys or other incentives with children's meals unless nutritional criteria were met. (full text)



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Cultural Revolution in Nutrition
Adam Drewnowski's presentation from the 3rd Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Summit in Turkey is now available online. more


UW SPH Close Up Features Jennifer Otten
How much food do we throw away? About one out of every four grocery bags, says food expert Jennifer Otten. more


Are dietary goals for sodium and potassium reasonable?
Only 0.3% of Americans, or about three in a thousand achieve the WHO dietary goals for sodium and potassium according to research conducted by CPHN. more

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