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Adam DrewnowskiAdam Drewnowski, PhD

Dr. Adam Drewnowski is a world-renowned leader in innovative research approaches for the prevention and treatment of obesity. Dr. Drewnowski is Director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition and the Center for Obesity Research. He is also the Director of the Nutritional Sciences Program at the University of Washington in Seattle, and Professor of Epidemiology with an adjunct appointment in Medicine and is a Joint Member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Dr. Drewnowski's current research is focused on the relationship between poverty and obesity and the links between obesity and diabetes rates in vulnerable populations and access to healthy foods. He has also conducted epidemiological studies on dietary quality, both in the US and abroad, and extensive research on taste function and food preferences in relation to food choices and the overall quality of the diet.

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Donna JohnsonDonna B. Johnson, PhD, RD
Associate Director

Dr. Donna Johnson is a Professor in Health Services and is also affiliated with the Nutritional Sciences Program. She has a focus on public health nutrition practice, and works closely with state and local health departments on planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health nutrition programs. Donna's research interests include community oriented research, with an emphasis on policy and environmental change. She is an expert in child nutrition, and has worked on Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and NIH funded projects to improve nutrition in schools and child care and evaluate policy impacts.

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Anju AggarwalAnju Aggarwal, PhD, MSc, BSc
Research Associate

Dr. Aggarwal's research interests are in the area of nutritional epidemiology, obesity and chronic diseases. In particular, she is interested in better understanding of the pathways that may explain socioeconomic disparities in diets and health. Her current research is focusing on examining the role of four A's - access to food environment, availability, affordability and attitudes in determining diet quality and obesity across socioeconomic strata. She is also interested in examining culture-based beliefs and behaviors in relation to diets and health, both in developed and developing countries.

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Barbara BruemmerBarbara Bruemmer, PhD, RD

Dr. Barbara Bruemmer's areas of interest reflect her diverse background in both public health and clinical nutrition. Her current projects focus on obesity prevention, nutrition management of chronic disease, and menu labeling.

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Glen DuncanGlen Duncan, PhD
Associate Professor

Glen is an Associate Professor in Epidemiology. His research interests include: (1) the relationships among cardiovascular fitness, body fatness, and metabolic disease (e.g., metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes); (2) the role of lifestyle interventions that involve increased habitual physical activity, exercise training, and dietary modifications in the prevention and treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases; and, (3) non-biological determinants of physical activity and obesity (e.g., access, income, and the built environment).

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Pablo Monsivais, PhD, MPH
Visiting Professor

Currently serving as Senior University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge's Centre for Diet and Activity Research, Pablo is a visiting faculty member in the Nutritional Sciences Program and an affiliate of the Center for Public Health Nutrition at the University of Washington in Seattle. His research is focused on the behavioral and social determinants of food choices, diet quality and health.

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Jennifer Otten, PhD, RD
Assistant Professor

Jennifer is an Assistant Professor in Health Services. Her research interests include the impacts of public health policy, specifically nutrition and food policy, on health behavior and obesity prevention and reduction; efficacy and evaluation of public health and food policies; food systems research as it relates to food and nutrition policy; and, the effects of political psychology and political attention on communicating and spreading public health policy.

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Jennifer Hanosky

Fiscal Coordinator
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Elizabeth Payne, MPH, RD

Research Coordinator
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Mary Podrabsky, MPH, RD

Director of School & Community Initiatives
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Emilee Quinn, MPH

Research Coordinator
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