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Life Course Nutrition: Maternal and Child Health Strategies in Public Health

Free online course highlighting the role of maternal and child nutrition in population health.

Mapping Health

Video modeling of how people move about and shop for food in Seattle.

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Impact of San Francisco’s Toy Ordinance on Restaurants and Children’s Food Purchases
A new study led by Jennifer Otten and published in July 2014 in Preventing Chronic Disease examines the impact of San Francisco's Healthy Food Incentives Ordinance, which prevented restaurants from giving away free toys or other incentives with children's meals unless nutritional criteria were met. (full text)



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Distance to Supermarket Makes No Difference To Diet Quality
What counts most is exactly where a person chooses to shop, according to lead author Anju Aggarwal, and Adam Drewnowski, of CPHN. more


CPHN Study Links Obesity to Socioeconomic Status
KUOW interview with Adam Drewnowski


Watch What Happens When You Track 493 People's Grocery Buying Habits
Anju Aggarwal discusses data and videos modeling how people move about in Seattle to get their food. The study used GPS devices to map the food environment of study participants. more

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