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Potatoes pile on the nutrition but pamper the budget | May 2013
Adam Drewnowski's study shows that potatoes deliver one of the most affordable source of potassium, second only to beans.

Potatoes Provide One Of The Best Nutritional Values Amongst Vegetables | May 2013
Adam Drewnowski's new study shows that potatoes are actually one of the best nutritional values on the market.

Potatoes may be one of the best superfoods | May 2013
A new study shows that potatoes are one of the best nutritional values in the produce aisle, delivering one of the most affordable sources of potassium of the more frequently consumed vegetables.

Potatoes Provide Better Nutritional Value for Money | May 2013
Adam Drewnowski says of his new study, "The ability to identify affordable, nutrient dense vegetables is important to families focused on stretching their food dollar as well as government policy makers looking to balance nutrition."

Govts and food industry to be held accountable for obesity: expert
ABC News| May 2013
An interview with Adam Drewnowski appeared on ABC News in Australia. Drewnowski says that policy makers could provide subsidies or promotevegetables and fruit to target obesity.

How Sweet It Is: ‘Salt Sugar Fat,’ by Michael Moss | March 2013
The Sunday Book Review mentions a study by Adam Drewnowski, whose research is also cited in the book.

What changes should be made to the Nutrition Facts panel in 2013? | December 2012
Adam Drewnowski, Marion Nestle and Michael Jacobson share their recommendations for changes to nutrition labeling on food packaging, scheduled for FDA revision in 2013.

Washington Awarded RWJF Grant to Measure Impact of School Menu Labeling | December 2012
The Association of Schools of Public Health announced the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Healthy Eating Research grant for $170,000 awarded to Donna Johnson to study the impact of menu labeling on student food choices in the Renton School District.

Op-ed: Bringing relief to food deserts in King County | November 2012
Anne Vernez Moudon and Adam Drewnowski outline the way that developers and institutions, such as the Seattle Housing Authority, are including plans for grocery stores to combat food deserts.

Finding the True Cost of Healthy Foods - Perspective | September 2012
Adam Drewnowski says that denying that healthier foods cost more is risky for vulnerable populations and that research and industry innovations will be key to making sure that the foods people buy are nutrient-dense, affordable, and appealing.

Want cheap nutritious food? The solution lies in cooking | September 2012
Adam Drewnowski says that to cook healthy food on a budget, you have to know how to cook whole, unprocessed foods. The article is a follow up to the USDA report released in June.

Supermarket Access and Obesity
University of Wisconsin Blog Spot | September 2012
Discusses the Seattle Obesity Study's findings that obesity rates were higher among shoppers choosing lower-priced supermarkets.

Tackling childhood obesity: What role should industry take? | July 2012
The food industry could play an important role in fighting childhood obesity and improving children's nutrition, according to a panel of experts including Adam Drewnowski and Barbara Rolls (fourth and second from the left in the photo below) at the Institute of Food Technologists annual meeting.


Childhood Obesity Rates Plateau: New Chance for Food Manufacturers to Make an Impact (video)
IFT video posted to YouTube | July 2012
Adam Drewnowski summarizes the intent of the panel 2012 Institute of Food Technologist's Annual Meeting recommending that the food industry consider additional positive changes to impact childhood nutrition.

Childhood Obesity Rates Plateau: New Chance for Food Manufacturers to Make an Impact | June 2012
Adam Drewnowski's presentation at the 2012 Institute of Food Technologist's Annual Meeting included the recommendation that the food industry consider additional positive changes to impact childhood nutrition, because 66% of the calories in the American diet come from the grocery store.

Discount supermarkets linked to higher obesity rates | June 2012
Cites the recent paper from the Seattle Obesity Study.

Study: Proximity to healthy foods doesn't matter. Price does.
Washington Post | June 2012
Adam Drewnowski's new study showed that only 14% of Seattle residents shopped at the supermarket nearest to them, so food desert interventions may not be working.

Slim Down, Philly! Anti-Obesity Campaign Takes Off | June 2012
Repeats Adam Drewnowski's quote from Washington Post article.

Nutrient Dense Diets Are More Expensive
Food Poisoning Bulletin | June 2012
Notes that the Seattle Obesity Study results reflect real life diets, rather than "aspirational" diets looked at by the USDA's recent study.

Will Philadelphia's experiment in eradicating 'food deserts' work?
Washington Post | June 2012
Adam Drewnowski says the city's $900,000 plan to make healthy food available at 632 corner stores to fight obesity does not guarantee that residents will shop there.

Academic: Sorry USDA, but more nutrient dense diets do cost more... | June 2012
Adam Drewnowski's new paper disputes the findings of the recent USDA study called "Are Healthy Foods Really More Expensive?" See the full paper here.

Property values may point to likelihood of obesity | May 2012
Adam Drewnowski's new study of the correlation between obesity and property values suggests that the value of your home can be a predictor of your weight.

Study shows link between body weight, house value
Spokane | May 2012
New CPHN study highlighted in Spokane.

Property values may point to likelihood of obesity | May 2012
Discusses the CPHN study linked below with comment from a Harvard School of Public Health epidemiologist.

Property values may point to likelihood of obesity
Seattle | May 2012
Discusses finding of Adam Drewnowski's new study finding correlation between obesity and property values in King County, Washington. See the press release and map in next entry.

In Obesity, Zip Code Matters More than Genetic Code
UW press release | May 2012
University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition released findings of a new study finding that where you live matters to your weight, especially if you are a woman. Map & More about the study

Smash Your Food; eat healthier | May 2012
Adam Drewnowski comments on the game app where children smash foods and learn about nutrition.

Do Poor People Ignore the Government's Dietary Advice Because They Can't Afford Healthy Food? | May 2012
Includes additional commentary by Adam Drewnowski on the new USDA study (see story below).

Healthy Eating Can Cost Less, Study Finds | May 2012
Adam Drewnowski comments on the new study released by USDA finding that healthy foods can cost less than foods high in fat, sugar and salt.

Healthy eating can cost less, study finds | May 2012
Adam Drewnowski's commentary on a new USDA study contrasts their findings based on his findings that a healthier diet generally costs more.

Preparing for Sodium Regulation
Nation's Restaurant News| May 2012
Adam Drewnowski questioned whether regulation of sodium on restaurant menus would help people meet recommended limits at the National Restaurant Association's annual conference.

New Research finds no association between white potato consumption (baked, boiled, mashed) and obesity, Type 2 diabetes or systemic inflammation | April 2012
Adam Drewnowki's study controlled for demographic factors, particularly socioecomomic status, in a study of 5,800 adults.

White Potatoes Don't Make You Fat | April 2012
Coverage of Adam Drewnowki's presentation to the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Study Finds Surprisingly Low Potato Consumption in the US Wonkblog | April 2012
A new study finds that Americans are eating fewer potatoes than expected. To meet dietary guidelines for potassium and dietary fiber, Adam Drewnowski's team found last year that potatoes are the most affordable solution.

Do food deserts matter? Do they even exist?
Washington Wonkblog | April 2012
Cites CPHN studies showing that only 15% of city residents shop in their census tract.

Food deserts may not be as deserted as we think, new studies show | April 2012
Discusses Adam Drewnowski’s 2009 research in relation to new studies that are challenging the idea that lower-class urban areas have less access to healthy food.

Now available "Squishy-Licious" Smash Your Food Educational Game Serves Up a Huge Helping of Fun Mobile Learning for Families On iPad | March 2012 | Quotes Adam Drewnowski in article about the release of the iPad version of the Smash Your Food EducationalGame.

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter
United Nations General Assembly, Human Rights Council.
| released March 2012| Cites articles by Pablo Monsivais and Colin Rehm and references the CPHN Farmers Market brief.

10 tips for getting your snacking under control| March 2012 | Cites an article co-authored by Donna Johnson on the association between snacking and weight loss.

Sodium seeps into American's daily diet| February 2012 | Adam Drewnowski says that reducing sodium intake by choosing fresh foods may not work for everyone economically.

Food Bubble Expanding U.S. Waistlines: Vikram Mansharaman
Bloomberg| February 2012 | Cites Adam Drewnowski's 2004 study showing that a dollar can buy more unhealthy calories than healthy ones.

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