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Opportunities for Increasing Access to Healthy Foods in Washington

PLAN BriefDonna Johnson and Mary Podrabsky presented a new report highlighting strategies to increase access to healthy foods in Washington at the Food Systems Strategies Summit hosted by the Access to to Healthy Foods Coalition on June 22, 2010.
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Selected Presentations

Furthering Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care Settings

CPHN Research Coordinator Elizabeth Payne presented at the Obesity Prevention Summit hosted by the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition. December 2012.

Free Drinking Water Access and Quality in Six Washington School Districts

Elizabeth Payne presented during the American Public Health Association session, You Can Lead the Students to Water, but . . . the Current State of Drinking Water Availability and Intake in School and Child Care Settings. October 2012. abstract

Optimal Hydration: New Insights
Low-Calorie Sweeteners and Weight: Do They or Don't They Help?

Adam Drewnowski made presentations during these two sessions at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food & Nutrition Conference Expo. October 2012.

Is obesity predicted by where you shop and live?

Adam Drewnowsi spoke at the Global Obesity Forum in New York City, presented by the Epode International Network. June 2012. Video

Are healthy foods really more expensive? New ways to estimate nutrient cost

Adam Drewnowsi's presentation on ways to identify healthy foods. May 2012. More

A Review of the Economic Causes and Consequences of Obesity

Adam Drewnowski presented at the Weight of the Nation conference. May 2012. More

Policy Opportunities to Increase Access to Healthy Foods: Framework for Action

Donna Johnson presented a poster at the Weight of the Nation conference. May 2012. More

Sodium & Calories: Can We Meet the Dietary Guidelines and Does This Impact Food Service?

Adam Drewnowski presented at the the National Restaurant Association’s International Foodservice Marketplace. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend reducing sodium intake to 1,500-2,300 mg per day—a target that few consumers reach. Consequently, reducing sodium may be a challenge for both foodservice operations and consumers. May 2012. More

Washington State WIC agencies supporting local food producers through creative partnerships

In this session at the American Public Health Association Conference, Donna Johnson and other panelists presented on the Fruit and Vegetable Partnership Program, the purpose of which is to build the capacity of local WIC agencies to engage community partners in innovative initiatives to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in WIC families. October 31, 2011

Local policies related to restaurant menu labeling: Barriers, facilitating factors, and the role of local health departments

In this session at the American Public Health Association Conference, Donna Johnson and other panelists discussed three local health departments in Washington State which took different approaches to improve the restaurant food environment. In King County menu labeling was required, in Pierce County a voluntary menu labeling program was conducted in locally owned restaurants, and in Thurston County menus for children's meals were improved in collaboration with a local franchise. This study took advantage of these different policy approaches to build understanding of nutrition policy development processes. October 31, 2011

Food Day Symposium -- UW Nutritional Sciences Program

The symposium brought together UW faculty and students, top researchers, and stakeholders to disucss the latest research and curriculum on food, health and our local food environment. Sessions included "Research Opportunities in an Interdisciplinary Framework," "The Big Idea: Built Environments, Obesity & Nutrition," and "Investing in Our Future: Developing Undergraduate Curriculum in Nutrition & Food Studies." See Symposium agenda (pdf). October 27, 2011

Understanding How Washington Cities Create Opportunities for Healthy Living: The Enabling Health in Washington Cities Survey

Poster session by Erica Lamson (MPH, RD), Research Coordinator for the UW Center for Public Health Nutrition. The survey was supported by the Washington State Department of Health through Cooperative Agreement Number 5U58DP001491-02 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The poster session took place at the 2011 Joint Conference on Health. October 17, 2011

The Economics of Food Choice Behavior: Why Poverty and Obesity are Linked

At the 73rd Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop, Dr. Adam Drewnowski looked at how socio-economic factors influence food choice, and thereby, the prevalence of obesity. Drewnowski challenged several basic concepts, including the way we stratify obesity, how we measure wealth, and equal access to healthy foods. Seattle King County provides the backdrop for Drewnowski's investigations. September 25, 2011

Hunger Has an Address (Video)

Adam Drewnowski reflected on hunger in King County during the United Way King County Breakfast event. The impact of hunger and obesity on life expectancies can be mapped. June 8, 2011

Food Service: Leading the Way to Wellness

Presented by Mary Podrabsky and Donna Oberg
Foodservice Professional Seminar, January 2011

Case Studies of Public Health Policy Development to Influence Nutritional Quality of Restaurant Foods

Presented by Donna Johnson
National CDC Webinar, October 2010

Policy Legislation and Nutrition: What Works to Improve Student Health in Washington?

Presented by Donna Johnson and Anne Lund
Healthy Schools Summit, Seattle, WA, May 2009

King County Board of Health Advocates for Healthy School Nutrition

Presented by Donna Johnson and Donna Oberg, Public Health - Seattle & King County
Healthy Schools Summit, Seattle, WA, May 2009

The Nutrient Rich Foods Index NRF9.3: The science behind nutrient density scores

Presented by Adam Drewnowski
Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica, Cuernavaca, MX, April 16, 2009

Social gradient in childhood obesity: Search for solutions
(Slides in French)

Presented by Adam Drewnowski
Danone Institute of Canada Symposium - L'obésité infantile: faire le point pour faire une différence, Montreal, Quebec, April 2009

Food, Incomes, and Health (podcast)

Presented by Adam Drewnowski
UW School of Public Health Distinguished Faculty Lecture, University of Washington, November 2008

Influencing Consumer Behavior: A case for nutrient profiling?

Presented by Adam Drewnowski
Influencing consumer food behavior, ILSI Australasia Symposium, Sydney NSW, July 2008

Obesity and the Economics of Food Choice

Presented by Adam Drewnowski
Population Health Conference, Food and Health Section - Brisbane, Australia, July 2008

Relation entre obésité et classes sociales dans les pays développés

Presented by Adam Drewnowski
Sommet International des Fruits et Légumes, EGEA-IFAVA, UNESCO Paris, May 2008

The Real Cost of Obesity: Disparities in Diet Quality and Health

Presented by Adam Drewnowski
Fruit and vegetables and the prevention of obesity and its associated diseases. EGEA International Conference, Brussels, Belgium, April 2007

Public Initiatives to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: How to Counter Barriers to Dietary Change

Presented by Adam Drewnowski
Fruit and vegetables and the prevention of obesity and its associated diseases. EGEA International Conference, Brussels, Belgium, April 2007

2005 French Food Spirit Award Trophy in Science Awarded to Adam Drewnowski (Video)

The award was made in recognition of Dr. Drewnowski's contributions to nutrition research in France and his studies on obesity, health disparities, diet quality, and diet cost. The award ceremony took place at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Quai d'Orsay, Paris, in the presence of representatives of the French government, science, and industry, and members of the diplomatic corps. December 2005