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Partners in Action: Good Nutrition, Active Living & Healthy Communities in Washington

www.wapartnersinaction.orgPartners in Action Screen Shot
Partners in Action is a resource website for the Washington State Nutrition & Physical Activity Plan. The site is a collaborative effort of the Washington State Department of
Health, the University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition, and Partners of the Plan throughout Washington.

Active Bodies Active Minds: Minimize Screen Time, Maximize Health screen
The purpose of the Active Bodies Active Minds website and tool kit is to ensure that policies and environments for children ages 2-5 encourage minimum screen time and maximum physical activity. The site provides early childhood health and education professionals with access to background information and resources about the importance of limiting screen time and encouraging physical activity for young children.

Discovering Quality Information to Support Student Health: A Toolkit

Quality School Health Information
A toolkit for school staff, parents, students and others looking for current and credible health information on nutrition, drugs, violence and other health topics that influence academic success. The toolkit began as a collaborative project of the University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition and Seattle Public Schools.  Based on feedback provided by school staff, the kit was expanded and made available to schools state-wide with funding from the National Networks of Library of Medicine, Northwest Region of the National Library of Medicine.

New Learning Resources

Powerful Choices LogoPowerful Choices: Healthy Living in a Media World

Offers four lessons designed for summer and afterschool programs that encourage 3rd-6th graders to reduce screen time, increase physical activity, and become “media savvy”. more >

Connecting Youth to Quality Health Information Online

A lesson plan for high school health and fitness education. more >

Lesson Plan