Center for Public Health Nutrition

Student Thesis & Dissertation Projects

List of Recent Thesis & Dissertation Projects

Emily Faerber, MPH ‘12, The effect of meal preparation time on food expenditure and menu quality in family child-care home in King County, Washington

Jamie Kowatch, MPH ‘12, Relationship between aerobic fitness and academic achievement in Seattle secondary school children

Sarah Bailey, MPH ‘12, Restricted eating behavior in children with PKU and HPA

Elisabet Eppes, MPH ‘12, Associations among grade, sex and free and reduced price lunch eligibility with use of nutrition labels in middle and high school students

Katherine Potestio, MPH ‘12, Is healthy happy? The affective impact of the Renton Menu Labeling Project in an adolescent population

Juli Louttit, MPH ‘12, The use of 100% fruit juice as a fruit and vegetable equivalent in snacks served in Federally-subsidized child care homes

Richard Lau, MPH ‘12, Fast-Food consumption and the Fast-Food environment

Russell Owen, MPH ‘12, Area-level measures of deprivation predict food patterns among 7th grade students in Washington State

Yvette Fierce, MPH ‘11, The use of complementary and alternative medicine in families with children with autism spectrum disorder

Julianne Williams, MPH ‘11, Developing methods for using GPS devices in Nutrition and Health-Related Research

Jennifer Ross, MPH ‘11, Undergraduate attitudes and opinions on Nutrition and Wellness Classes and Services at the University of Washington

Dara Carlson (Kimmel), MPH ‘11, Assessing family food insecurity in a Public Health Clinical setting: What are the barriers to using food assistance resources?

Cynthia Spencer, MPH ‘11, Regional Capacity, Experience and Readiness for Health Policy Development in Washington State

Anna Gabriel, MPH ‘11, King County menu labelling: do customers respond by reducing the caloric and saturated fat content of drinks purchased at coffee chains?

Amy Mercer, MPH ‘11, Contribution of Social Support to Diet for Diabetes Management among Hispanic Adults of the Yakima Valley

Amanda Buhl, MPH ‘11, The impact of stress on the BMI of women in the Seattle Obesity Study

Elizabeth Payne, MPH ‘11, Local policies related to restaurant menu labeling: Barriers, facilitating factors, and the role of local health departments

Joyce Chen, MPH ‘11, Nutrition Profile of Washington State's WIC Food Packages: improving target nutrient availability and food choices for WIC participants

Lisa Higgins, MPH ‘11, The King County Nutrition Labeling regulation: have restaurants removed higher-calorie entrees and added lower-calorie entrees to their menus?

Chandra Deonna Hughes, MPH ‘10, The BALANCE Study (Bioengineering Approaches to Lifestyle Activity and Nutrition Continuous Engagement): using the design-feedback cycle to improve methods measuring energy intake via electronic food diary

Kate Murphy, MPH ‘10, Current nutrition practices and perceived barriers to increasing nutrition requirements in school-age child care settings

Nadia Khawaja Mahmud, MPH '10: The Search for Affordable Nutrient Rich Foods: A Comparison of Supermarket Food Prices in Seattle-King County

Kristi Timme, MPH '10: Evaluation of a Multicultural Diabetes Education Program in Seattle, WA

Nila Gregory, MPH '10: Breast Milk Feeding Practices of Singletons and Twins: Initiation, Duration, Exclusivity and Factors Associated with Choice and Achievement

Kimberly Nguyen, MPH '09: Evaluation of Food Quality at an Emergency Food Pantry

Jennifer Tucci, MPH '09: Fast Food Challenge: Impact of a WIC Nutrition Education Program Accompanying Menu Labeling Legislation

Sara Coulter, MPH '09: Access to Healthy and Less Healthy Food Options in a Low-Income, Racially Diverse Seattle Neighborhood

Carley Bollen, MPH '09: Effects of Community Socioeconomics and Demographics on Farmers Markets

Stacy Gilliland, MPH '09: An Examination of Strategies Used to Develop School Wellness Policies in Washington State

Emily Hall, MPH '09: Obesity Guidelines in Practice at Northwest Pediatric Center of Lewis County

Joanna Russell, MPH '08: Change in dietary intake in response to the dietary modification intervention is associated with change in physical activity among postmenopausal women in the Women's Health Initiative

Celia Framson, MPH '08: Questionnaire development and associations with yoga, BMI and exercise

Shannon Kirkpatrick, MPH '08: The policy process in trails initiatives: The Healthy Communities Moses Lake Experience

Pablo Monsivais, MPH '07: The Low Monetary Cost of Energy Dense Foods and Diets in Seattle, Washington

Matt Cheung, MPH '07: Evaluation of Nutrition Policies Regarding Vending Machines in Two High Schools in Washington State

Mary Podrabsky, MPH '07: Food Form as a Determinant of Fruit and Vegetable Selection from an Elementary School Salad Bar

Sukwan Nhan, MPH '07: Evaluation of the Ethnic Foods and Education Project in Seattle Public Schools

Gwyneth Jones, MPH '07: Barriers to Change in the Seattle Five-a-Day Worksite Intervention Program

Clairessa Roach, MPH '07: The Impact of Breastfeeding Social Marketing on Policy and Environments in Worksites and Childcare Sites

Rebecca Eastgard, MPH '06: Preferences of Samoan and Tongan Americans in Community Health Promotion

Janice Kao, MPH '06: Analysis of Washington State School District Nutrition and Fitness Policies

Robyn Sakamoto, MPH '06: Weight Change and Diet Costs in Middle-Aged Adults: Is Less More?

Jaclyn Burm , MPH '06: Impact of Take Charge of your Health Senior Nutrition Education Program

Acacia Larson, MPH '06: ClicKit! To Reduce Television in Early Childhood: Evaluation of a Pilot Intervention to Reduce Television Viewing and Increase Physical Activity in the Washington State Early Childhood Education and Assistance Programs

Kirsten Leng, MPH '06: Assessing Potential Adolescent Use of Dance Simulation Games for Physical Activity

Martha Yarbrough, MPH '06: The Moses Lake Youth Wellness Team: A Case Study

Anne Lund, MPH '05: Evaluation of a Lesson Plan for Child Care Providers on Television Viewing and Physical Activity Policy Development

Shoko Kumagai, MPH '05: Towards Healthier Meals and Snacks at King County Child Care: "Fuel & Play the Healthy Way" Child Care Menu Evaluation

Lisa Setyaadmadja, MD, MPH '05: The Applications of Social Network Analysis for Evaluating Integrations at the Network Level: King County STEPS to a Healthier U.S.

Kirsten Sellereit, MPH '05: The effects of gardening on fruit and vegetable consumption and nutrition knowledge in adolescents

Minh Nguyen, PhD, MPH '05: Overweight among Vietnamese adult and related factors through some national sampling surveys

Nicole Campbell, MPH '05: Factors associated with adoption of an innovative approach to nutrition education in WIC

Erica Lamson, MPH '05: Student perceptions of the school environment and it's influence on nutrition and physical activity

Diana Birkett, MPH '03: Understanding the client's perspective on a behavioral approach to WIC services

Sadeem Al-Jammaz, MS '02: Formative Evaluation of Family Meals and Physical Activity Modules in Washington State WIC Programs

Lynne Smith, PhD, MPH '02: Qualitative assessment of participant utilization and satisfaction with the senior farmers' market nutrition program

Sharon Beaudoin, MPH '02: An impact evaluation of the senior farmers' market nutrition pilot program on the fruit and vegetable intake of homebound seniors in King County, Washington