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Quality Health Information on the Web: A Tool KitFinding Health Information on MedlinePlus

Your Question:

How can we increase students' motivation to be physically active?

Search Strategy:

Use the directory to find information by health topic


Health Topics Screenshot

  • Go to 'Health and Wellness'
  • Go to 'Fitness and Exercise'

Fitness and Exercise Screenshot

  • Go to "Exercise for Children"

Children and Teen Topics Screenshot

  • Look under the 'Basics', 'Learn More' and 'Research' section to find information on barriers to exercise, effective strategies, and resources like "Fitness for Kids Who Don't Like Sports" and "Motivating Kids to Be Active".

Exercise for Children Screenshot

Each of these sections - Basics, Learn More, Multimedia & Cool Tools, Research, Reference Shelf, and For You - represents a consistent organizational theme that is used on every topic page in MedlinePlus. So whether you are interested in exercise, alcohol abuse, or injury prevention, it is easy to find the type of information you want.


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