Center for Public Health Nutrition

Seattle Obesity Study II: A Longitudinal Study on Food Environment, Diet Quality & Disparities in Obesity

This longitudinal study seeks to explain why obesity rates are more prevalent among some racial/ethnic minorities, population subgroups of lower education and incomes, and in high poverty areas. The aim of the study is to examine the impact of sociodemographic, environment, psychosocial and dietary variables on obesity and weight gain.

A combination of self report and objective measures will be used to collect data on food seeking behaviors, food expenditures, nutrition literacy, attitudes towards diet and health, demographics and health status. It is an interdisciplinary project that brings together experts from nutrition, geography, epidemiology, medicine, statistics and urban design.

Start date: 03/01/2011
End date:  02/28/2015
Funding agency: National Institutes of Health

Research Team:
Adam Drewnowski, PhD
Anne Vernez Moudon, Dr es Sc
David Arterburn, MD, MPH
Andrea Cook, PhD, MS
Pablo Monsivais, PhD, MS
Phil Hurvitz, PhD
Anju Aggarwal, PhD, MSc
Brett Carter, MS

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Adam Drewnowski, PhD,
Director, Center for Public Health Nutrition, (206) 543-8016

Anju Aggarwal, PhD, MSc,
Research Associate, Center for Obesity Research, (206) 221-4752