Center for Public Health Nutrition

Washington Active Bodies Active Minds

The Washington Active Bodies Active Minds (WAABAM) program was created by the Center for Public Health Nutrition to address the problem of childhood overweight by providing early childhood health and education professionals information about the importance of limiting screen time and encouraging physical activity for young children.

What does "screen time" include?

  • Watching television, DVDs; playing with video games; using the computer, phones and other electronic devices

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

  • Children under 2 should watch no TV
  • Children over the age of 2 should watch no more than 2 hours of quality programming a day (includes all entertainment media)

Why reduce screen time?

  • Too much TV watching has been linked to:
    • Poor performance in school
    • Overweight
    • Poor dietary habits

Washington Active Bodies Active Minds Toolkit Materials

  • WAABAM Brochure (PDF) | Spanish - Includes information on children’s television habits, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on TB viewing, ideas for screen time policies, and more.
  • WAABAM Bookmark (PDF) | Spanish - 2-sided bookmark with key messages to support reducing screen time and increasing physical activity
  • Sample TV Policy (PDF) - Poster for display by child care providers. Text reads: "Because we care about the health and well being of the children in our care, we follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Recommendations on Television viewing: Children under 2 should watch NO TV. Children age 2 and over should watch less than 2 hours/day. We also have policies and practices that support physical activity."
  • Top 10 Ways to Reduce TV Watching at Home (PDF) | Spanish - Handout for families with strategies for encouraging healthy TV habits.
  • Minimize TV, Maximize Health Poster “Cling“ (PDF) - For placing directly onto a television screen. Reminds users of this important message every time they go to turn on the TV.