Center for Public Health Nutrition

Our Work

The Center for Public Health Nutrition supports research and public health practice in these subject areas:

  • Obesity and Chronic Disease
  • Public Health Practice
  • Food Prices and Food Environments
  • School and Child Care Nutrition
  • Communities & Families
  • Policy Research and Analysis

Examples of recent projects:

Communities & Families

  • Child Care Provider Training. Let’s Move! Child Care: Healthy Eating. Free online STARS training module on the best practice standards for healthy eating in early care and education.

Obesity and Chronic Disease

  • The Seattle Obesity Study II aims to examine the impact of sociodemographic, environment, psychosocial and dietary variables on obesity and weight gain.

Policies & Environments

  • Nutrition and Obesity Policy Research and Evaluation Network (NOPREN). National and State networks to study policy development and implementation; leadership of national rural food access research workgroup.


  • Behavioral Economics in the School Lunchroom. Training and technical assistance for secondary schools using behavioral economics strategies to promote healthy eating choices.





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