Center for Public Health Nutrition

Public Health Practice


The Center's Public Health Practice Group (PHPG) supports evidence-based approaches for environmental and policy change.

  • Advance public health approaches to improve nutrition and physical activity through environmental and policy change
  • Build partnerships and collaborations with practitioners, government agencies and communities
  • Provide technical assistance in the translation of research into policy and practice
  • Shape obesity and chronic disease prevention and reduction efforts

Faculty and staff collaborate with government agencies and community groups as they develop policies and programs to improve nutrition and physical activity. The group also evaluates outcomes associated with changing policies at the local, state, and federal levels. Our current portfolio of projects contributes to evidence-informed practice and policies with a scope ranging from individual families to federal nutrition programs.

Current projects:


Food System

Process and Outcomes of Nutrition Policies

  • Nutrition and Obesity Policy Research and Evaluation Network

National and Washington State networks to study policy development and implementation; leadership of national rural food access research workgroup

Early Care and Education

  • Washington State Survey of Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care

Washington's first statewide survey about policies, practices and environments related to nutrition and physical activity in licensed early care and education programs

  • Using Screens and Technology in Child Care

Assessing passive (non-interactive) and active media use and the need for technical assistance in implementing screen time reduction practices and policies in child care programs

  • Child Care Provider Trainings

Let's Move! Child Care: Physical Activity: Free online STARS training module on the importance of physical activity in early care and education

Let's Move! Child Care: Healthy Eating: Free online STARS training module on the best practice standards for healthy eating in early care and education

Media Aware Child Care: Free online STARS training module on reducing screen-time in child care



  • Behavioral Economics in the School Lunchroom

Training, technical assistance and evaluation for secondary schools using behavioral economics strategies to promote healthy eating choices

  • Menu Labeling and Menu Labeling Education in Schools

Measuring the impact of calorie labeling and school-wide menu labeling education on student food selection in secondary schools

  • Water and Sugary Beverage Consumption in Schools

Measuring the associations between access to quality water and sugary beverages on their consumption in high schools



  • Breastfeeding Policies and Practices

Analyzing the process of adopting and implementing state and instutitional policies to support improved access, quality and integration of breastfeeding care and practices

  • South King County Community Transformation Grant (CTG) Evaluation

Evaluating CTG-funded efforts to improve nutrition and physical activity in schools and communities through changes in policy, practice, systems and environments

  • Increasing Access to Healthy Food Through Farmers Markets

Evaluation consultation to the Washington State Farmers Market Association and regional leads conducting SNAP-Ed pilot projects in four regions of Washington

For more information:

Public Health Practice Group Portfolio, 2014 (pdf)


Adam Drewnowski, PhD,
Director, Center for Public Health Nutrition, (206) 543-8016

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