Dance 544 - Topics in Dance History

SLN: 12908

T/Th, 8:30-10:20am

Historiography as a mode of inquiry reflects a way of thinking about dance that draws one to understand and explain the past. The historian asks questions about the events, art works, and personalities that shaped dance in the past. Historical inquiry seeks to create a meaningful interpretation of what happened, an in some cases, why it happened and how it relates to who and what we are today. Penelope Hanstein, Reseaching Dance (p42)

This course spans topics in Western theatre dance history from Renaissance court dance through the 20th century. This quarter we will focus on developments and stylistic trends in ballet with attention to the cultural, historical, and political circumstances that helped to shape the works under review. Assigned reading, and viewing, and in-depth analyses of dances will guide a discussion of form, content, interpretation, and critical reception. This is a writing/research-intensive course.