Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies 451 - Latina Cultural Production

Michelle Habell-Pallan

SLN: 14558

M, 10:30-12:20 and W, F 10:30-11:20

Watch films, read poetry, and listen to music in this fascinating and fun upper-division course! We will study cultural and artistic practices in home and in literary, music, film, spoken word, performing and digital/visual art. Class will focus on the way Chicana/Latina writers and artists re-envision traditional iconography through a transnational lens. Course focuses on the intersection of the body, sexuality, and spirituality. Discussions will examine how issues of gendered and racialized identities are constructed and de-constructed through Chicana and Latina artistic production. Assignments include small, entry-level digital projects. No prior experience in using digital or social media needed. You will learn how to use online tools in class.