English 527

Spring Quarter

Literature and Class, 1660-1840
Thomas Lockwood
M/W 3:30-5:20
SLN: 13609

This is a course about the representation of social class, from early modern forms (Shakespeare’s “mechanicals,” or the “lower orders”) to politically self-conscious categories like “working class.” We will survey a broad range of texts illustrating social class and class discourse, from lowlife to high, with emphasis on drama (e.g. Restoration comedy, The Beggar’s Opera, Goldsmith, Sheridan) and the novel, including examples in whole or part from Defoe, Richardson, Fielding, Burney, and Dickens, as well as other material and reading in nonliterary, historical, and theoretical sources. The seminar should be of interest to students working, or thinking of working, in British eighteenth or nineteenth century periods, or on drama, the history of the novel, or critical problems related to the concept of class. In-class presentations and seminar paper; no previous experience assumed. Questions? Email tlock@uw.edu