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The list provided on this website will be updated when announcements are received, but for more up-to-date information on job openings, please check out the links below for other outside job listings. If membership is required to access any of the below databases, check with the UW library to see if they may have access through the UW system.

Check these websites for job listings:

Academic Keys

American Society for Theatre Research

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Modern Language Association

Performance Studies International

Versatile PhD

Job Listings

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Graduate Research Fellowship Opportunity
November 30, 2017
2019 issue of Theatre History Studies
January 01, 2018
3 positions in the Department of Drama at New York University
November 30, 2017
American Literature in Context
December 31, 2017
American Literature in the World Graduate Conference 2018 at Yale University
December 15, 2017
Announcement: Two TT Positions at Dartmouth
July 01, 2018
Assistant Professor in Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto
October 18, 2017
Assistant Professor, European Theater, at UC Santa Barbara
December 01, 2017
Asst. Prof position: Early Modern Iberian and Colonial Latin American
August 16, 2018
ATDS panels at ALA
December 15, 2017
Cultural Mobility of Performance and Performativity Studies
December 31, 2017
Faculty Position
December 01, 2017
Faculty Position
December 01, 2017
Full-time Faculty Member in Theatre Education and Applied Theatre
December 15, 2017
Graduate Student Opportunities at the Simpson Center: Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Intellectual Community, Professional Development
In Motion: Performance and Unsettling Borders
December 01, 2017
Invitation from TDR to Report from the Fields of Resistance
Job Announcement: Chair Department of Theatre Purdue University
November 16, 2017
Job Opening
November 27, 2017
Job Posting: Indigenous Theatre and Performance Studies, York University
July 01, 2018
Journal of American Drama and Theatre
Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism
MIGRATION/REPRESENTATION/ STEREOTYPES - conference information and registration details
April 28, 2017
New OI teaching fellowship
December 01, 2017
New tenure-track position at Tufts University
August 01, 2018
August 18, 2018
August 01, 2018
Popular Entertainment Studies
June 01, 2018
Professor Post University of Exeter UK
September 01, 2017
Seeking full-time Sound Engineer (faculty lecturer position) at Tufts University (fwd)
January 01, 2018
Tenure Track Position in the teaching of acting and directing
December 01, 2017
Theatre History Studies
January 01, 2018
Theatre Symposium 27
January 05, 2018
TT Position: Arts and Theatre Management 10/15 deadline
June 30, 2018
William L. Clements Library Fellowships
January 15, 2018
[ATHECast] Job Posting: Indigenous Theatre and Performance Studies_York University
November 15, 2017
[EARAM-L] Queens College job searches
September 15, 2018
[EARAM-L] tenure-track job / University of Georgia
July 01, 2018