Professional Development

Below is a list of resources to aid in finding, choosing, and maintaining a career and professional life in the academic world.

Graduate School

Making It Through Grad School: An article on things to think about before you decide to go, and things to think about once you are there.

Career Advice

Careers in Academe: A series of articles discussing careers in the academic world.

Higher Education Career Advice: Articles discussing everything from writing a cover letter to getting on tenure.

The Times Higher Education News: Blogs and news stories discussing higher education.

Job Market

The Odds Are Never in Your Favor: An article discussing the hardships of finding a job in academia and the tools you have at your disposal.

More Than One Possible Future: An article focusing on the job search for graduate students.

Getting the Job

Why Your Cover Letter Sucks: 10 ways to write a better cover letter and get their attention.

Interviewing Skills: What to Do When They Say "Tell Me About Yourself": Tips for answering the most basic job interview question.

How Do I Pitch Myself for a Visiting Assistant Professorship?: How to sell yourself for a one-year position.

Negotiating Job Offers

You Can't Always Get What You Want: An article on how to negotiate and what are some of the things you can ask for.

It Can Hurt To Ask: An article discussing the delicate matters that go along with making negotiations.

What Are Your Terms: An article discussing a horror story when it comes to negotiating, and the gender wage gap in academia.

The Professor Is In: How Do I Pitch Myself for a Visiting Assistant Professorship? - See more at:
The Professor Is In: How Do I Pitch Myself for a Visiting Assistant Professorship? - See more at:

Writing Advice

From Predator to Pet: Three Techniques for Taming Your Writing Project: Three tricks for completing a writing project.

"Writer," "Draft", "Finishing": Words to Dissertate By: How to split up your disseration into different steps.

The No-Fail Secret to Writing A Disseration: How to schedule your writing time and other tricks to overcoming that first draft.

The Gift of Accountability: How having someone check in and give support can help you complete projects.

The Lost Art of Doing One Thing At A Time: How to stay focused.

Did We All Read the Same Manuscript: How to workshop.

Professors, We Need You and Why is Academic Writing so Academic: Two articles discussing the different sides to academic writing and how well is it grounded in reality.

Web Tools--When to Use Them and When Not To

Should You Share Your Research on

Should You Use LinkedIn?

Should You Mention Your Blog in a Job Interview?