ASTR Call for Working Sessions Now Open!

Posted Date:
April 05, 2018
Deadline Date:
June 01, 2018

ASTR is thrilled to announce that the call for submissions to Working Sessions for the 2018 ASTR Annual Conference in San Diego is officially open. This link will direct you to the website, where you can view all the calls for individual working sessions on this year’s theme, “Arousal: Theatre, Performance, Embodiment.”

Please note, that you must apply online through the ASTR website here. The form allows you to select up to three working groups, in order of your preference, and provides space to allow you to comment how your proposal might fit with each of those working groups.

Proposals are due June 1, 2018. Working session participants will be notified by July 1, 2018.

We are very excited by this amazing list of Working Sessions! If you have any questions, contact us at:

About Face: The Material History of Pleasure in Stage Makeup
Amusement Parks, Tourism, and Performed Selves (Off-Site)
Animal Engagements: Arousal, Affect, Empathy, Spectacle (Off-Site)
Arab Arousal: Embodying Arab Identity in Performance
Archived Arousal?
Arousal and Medieval Performance
Arousal and Precarious Labor in Burlesque: Methods, Archives, and Ethical Scholarship (Off-Site)
Arousing Activism: Revolutionary Impulses in Middle East Performance
Arousing Curiosities: Knowledge, Embodiment, and the Science Performance
Arousing Generosity
Arousing the Bodies of Pre-1850 Performance
Arousing the Senses: Sonic and Digital Dimensions in Performance
Between Orientalism and Orientation: Rethinking Arousal through East Asian Performance
Blurring the Lines in the Sand: Border Actions and Investigations (Off-Site)
Change as an Arousing State: Continuing the Conversation about Theatre, Performance, and Change
Cognitive and Affective Intersections in the Arousals of Performance
Crowded Spaces
Disidentifying Borders: Coalitional Futurity and Migration (Muñoz)
Drive and Desire for Perfection: The Arousing Effects of Sport, Physical Culture, and Performance
Ecology & Performance Working Group
Impacting Audiences: Spectatorship, Embodiment, and Change
Impotent Performance
Indigenous Research in the Americas—Rousing Resistance, Withholding Arousal
Monstrous Arousal: The Erotics of Fear
Moving San Diego: Sites, Senses, and Bodies (Off-Site)
New Research in Minoritarian Performance Proposal/Grant Writing Workshop (Muñoz)
Nuerodiversity and Performance Training at Do Ho Suh’s Fallen Star
Oceanic Politics and a Black Radical Performance Aesthetic
"Other Erotics": Performance Studies in/from the Global South Working Group
The Pedagogy of Extraordinary Bodies
Performance and/as Arousal in Global Asia
Performing "Jobs": Leadership in Performing Arts
Prick up the Ears: Listening to the Subalterns’ Sonic Revolutions
Puppetry and Material Performance
queer nightlife performance: flesh, pleasure, and power at night (Muñoz)
Rousing the (Theatrical) Worker: Labor Conditions, Uprisings, and Unionization in American Theatre and Drama from the 19th Century to the Present
Sense and Sensuality: Food, Theatre, and the Question of Commensality (Off-Site)
Shakespearean Performance Research Group
“Staying Woke”: Authorship, Circulation, and Critique of American Blackness in Performance
Stimulating Transfeminisms
Theater in the Age of Pervasive Media
Theatre and Performance vs the Crisis in the Humanities: (A)rousing the "Mobile Critical Paradigm"
Videogames and Theater Studies: Arousing the Audience, Arousing the Discipline
Violent Incitements: Affect/Effect and Arousal (Off-Site)
Women Writers and the "Erotics" of Dramatic Theory and Criticism

Thank you,

Christin, Kirsten, & Chase