MATC - Mid-America Theatre Conference 2014

Posted Date:
September 18, 2013
Deadline Date:
October 15, 2013

35th Annual Mid-America Theatre Conference

Wyndham Cleveland at Playhouse Square

Cleveland, OH     –   March 6-9, 2014


Revision is a term of rebirth, of renaissance, of restoration, that at the same time can express or signify crisis, a struggle for value, for power, for meaning, for origins, for authenticity.  Cleveland, the site of our 2014 conference, is a city that has transformed from a populous industrial and cultural center dubbed “the best location in the nation” to a place that has struggled with the vast urban transformations of the late 20th century.  Cleveland has taken on the identity of the “Comeback City” even as it struggles through economic decline, a series of downtown revitalizations, and legendary frustrations and betrayals in professional sports. The city undergoes revisions while at the same time being repeatedly re-visioned.

For our 2014 meeting across from historic Cleveland Playhouse Square, the Mid-America Theatre Conference invites proposals of presentations, conversations, scripts, and workshops around the theme of “Revision.” What does revision mean for theatres, practitioners, and scholars through history and around the world?  What do we revise?  Why do we revise?  How is revision a cultural marker, an indicator of ideology, a representation of a place and time?  If a revision is a new version of something, or a new way of viewing it, what are the implications of that for theatrical practice and performance, for documentation and archiving, for interpretation and analysis?  If, as Elin Diamond suggests, the use of “re” in discussing performance “acknowledges the pre-existing discursive field, the repetition within the performative present,” what kinds of discourses does “revision” address, reveal, express, conceal, repeat, or haunt?

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