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    Number 283 April 22, 1998

    This report officially records the actions of the University of Washington Curriculum Review Committee. The Committee meets September through June to consider applications for curriculum changes submitted by the schools and colleges of the University of Washington.

    This report also announces the actions of the Faculty Council of Academic Standards and the Board of Regents regarding program and degree changes.

    Course Change Applications received after the deadline for the specified quarter will be considered for the next quarter for which the deadline has not passed. New courses can be added to the curriculum after the deadline.

    Applications must be received in the University Curriculum Office, 248 Schmitz, Box 355850, by 5 pm on the deadline date. For courses offered jointly by more than one school or college, an application from each school or college must be received by the University Curriculum Office by the deadline date.

    Please address any questions regarding the curriculum process at the University of Washington to the university curriculum office at uwcr@u.washington.edu.



    ENVIR 201 Environmental Studies: Local and Urban Emphasis (5, max. 10) envir studies. Effective WIN/1999 through AUT/1999.

    ENVIR 202 Environmental Studies: Regional Emphasis (5, max. 10) envir studies. Effective AUT/1998 through SPR/1999.

    ENVIR 203 Environmental Studies: Global Emphasis (5, max. 10) envir studies. Effective WIN/1999 through AUT/1999.


    ANTHROPOLOGY (0102) Correction to Curriculum Report Number 281, February 25, 1998:

    ANTH 570 Environmental Anthropology (5) ENVIRONMENTAL ANTH. Effective AUT/1998.


    JAPAN 134 First-Year Intensive Japanese (15) first-yr inten japan. Change description effective SUM/1999.


    CMU 359 Writing for Mass Media (5) writ mass media. Effective AUT/1998.

    DRAMA (0134)

    DRAMA 201 Play Analysis (5) play analysis. Change title, abbreviated title effective WIN/1999.

    DRAMA 302 Critical Analysis of Theatre (5) critical ANALYSIS. Change title, abbreviated title effective WIN/1999.


    SISEA 590 Special Topics (2-5, max. 10) special topics. Change credit effective AUT/1998.

    SISRE 590 Special Topics (2-5, max. 10) special topics. Change credit effective AUT/1998.

    SISSA 590 Special Topics (2-5, max. 10) special topics. Change credit effective AUT/1998.

    MUSIC (0217)

    MUSED 552 World Music Education (3) world mus education. Effective WIN/1999.

    PHILOSOPHY (0221)

    PHIL 360 Introductory Topics in Philosophy of Science (5, max. 10) top in phil of sci. Effective WIN/1999.

    PSYCHOLOGY (0262)

    PSYCH 583 Research Methods in Clinical and Community Psychology (4) rsch meth in clin. Effective AUT/1998.

    WOMEN STUDIES (0298)

    WOMEN 424 Women in Midlife (5) women in midlife. Effective SPR/1999.


    ACCOUNTING (0301)

    ACCTG 320 Introduction to Accounting Information Systems (3) acctg iNFO SYSTEMS. Effective AUT/1998.

    ACCTG 321 Database Management and Telecommunications for Accountants (3) database and telecom. Offered jointly with I S 321. Effective WIN/1999.

    ACCTG 440 Accounting and Financial Management Decisions (3) acc & fin mgt dec. Effective AUT/1999.

    ACCTG 470 Strategic Overview of Accounting (3) strat overview acct. Effective AUT/1999.


    MKTG 592 Doctoral Seminar in Information Processing Theories of Consumer Behavior (4) info processING. Drop course effective WIN/1999.

    MKTG 594 Doctoral Seminar in Pricing and Distribution on Channels Models (4) price and channels. Drop courses effective WIN/1999.


    EDUCATION (0351)

    EDLPS 519 Special Topics in Educational Leadership (1-6, max. 15) spec top ed ldrship. Increase credit, maximum effective WIN/1999.

    EDLPS 549 Special Topics in Educational Studies (1-6, max. 15) spec top educ stds. Increase credit, maximum effective WIN/1999.

    EDLPS 579 Special Topics in Organizational and Policy Analysis (1-6, max. 15) SPEC TOP ORG & POL. Increase credit, maximum effective WIN/1999.

    EDLPS 598 Special Topics in Higher Education (1-6, max. 15) spec top higher ed. Increase credit, maximum effective WIN/1999.



    Correction to Curriculum Report Number 277, October 23, 1997:

    E E 416 Communications I: Random Signals (4) communications i. Effective SUM/1998.



    PHG 512 Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues in Public Health Genetics (3) law ethics in phg. Offered jointly with LAW E 562/MHE 514. Effective AUT/1998.

    Correction to Curriculum Report #279, December 22, 1997:

    HSERV 544 Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries (3) matern child health. Offered jointly with EPI 544. Replace HSERV/EPI 535 effective AUT/1998.

    HSMGMT 571 Health Care Financial Management (3) hlth cre fin mgmt. Change title, abbreviated title effective AUT/1998.


    SOCIAL WORK (0779)

    Correction to Curriculum Report 276, September 22, 1997:

    SOC WF 404 Cultural Diversity and Justice (5) cltrl divrsty/jstce. Increase credit, change grading effective SPR/1998.


    BUSINESS (0881)

    B BUS 501 Managerial Economics (5) mgrl econ. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 502 Managing Teams and Individuals (5) mgg teams & indivs. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 503 Marketing Management (5) mktg mgt. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 504 Financial and Managerial Accounting (5) fin mgrl acctg. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 505 Financial Management (5) fin mgt. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 506 Operations Strategy and Total Quality Management (5) opns strat & tqm. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 507 Leadership and Organizational Management (5) ldrshp & org mgt. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 541 Project Management (5) proj mgt. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 542 Management of Technology and Innovation (5) MGT TECH & INNOV. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 543 New Product Marketing (5) new prod mktg. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 544 Strategic Management of Technology (5) strat mgt tech. Effective AUT/1998.

    B BUS 545 Technology Management Field Study (5) tech mgt field stdy. Effective AUT/1998.


    EDUCATION (0875)

    B EDUC 454 Psychosocial Problems of Youth (3) psychsocl prblm yth. Effective AUT/1998.

    B EDUC 455 Families, Communities, and Schools (3) FAMLYS, COMNTY, SCH. Effective AUT/1998.

    B EDUC 471 Cultural Transmission: Anthropological Perspectives on Education (5) cultrl transmission. Effective AUT/1998.

    B EDUC 473 History of United States Public Schooling (3) history us school. Effective AUT/1998.

    B EDUC 503 Education in Society (3) ed soc orgnz perspc. Drop course effective AUT/1998.

    B EDUC 503 Professional Seminar Three: Situating Teaching in Social, Historical, Political, and Professional Dimensions (3) professioNAL SEM 3. Effective AUT/1998.

    B EDUC 504 Professional Seminar Four (3) (CR/NC) prof seminar 4. Effective AUT/1998.

    B EDUC 505 Professional Seminar Five (3) (CR/NC) prof seminar 5. Effective WIN/1999.

    B EDUC 533 Computers in the Classroom: Issues and Uses (3) computrs in clssrms. Effective SUM/1998.

    B EDUC 538 Learning in Groups (3) learning in groups. Effective AUT/1998.

    B EDUC 541 Curriculum Integration Summer Institutes (3-6, max. 15) summer institutes. Effective AUT/1998.

    B EDUC 556 Seeing Promise in At Risk Youth (3) PRMIS IN AT-RSK YTH. Effective AUT/1998.


    BLS 314 World Religions: Prehistory to 1500 (5) wrld rel:prhst-1500. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 316 World Religions: 1500 to Present (5) wrld rel:1500-prsnt. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 318 Global Women's History: Prehistory to 1500 (5) women's hst to 1500. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 321 United States Politics and Culture, 1865-1919 (5) pol&cltr 1865-1919. Change title, abbreviated title, description effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 322 Global Women's History: 1500 to Present (5) wmn's hst:1500-prst. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 323 United States Politics and Culture to 1865 (5) us pol & cltr to 1865. Change title, abbreviated title, description effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 347 History of American Documentary Films (5) hist am docum film. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 365 Exploring American Culture: Popular and Consumer Culture (5) pop & consumer cltr. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 369 Women Across Cultures (5) women across cltrs. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 386 Global Environmental Issues (5) global environ iss. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 418 Masculinity, Homoeroticism, and Queer Theory in American Culture (5) masculinity-am cltr. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 423 The City in American Culture (5) city in am culture. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 424 Topics in American Studies (5, max. 10) top am std. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 440 Air Pollution and Health (5) air pollution&hlth. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 454 Romance, American Style (5) romance, AMER STYLE. Effective AUT/1998.

    BLS 462 The Culture of Cold War America (5) cltr of cold war am. Effective AUT/1998.


    NURSING (0970)

    T NURS 504 Communities, Populations, and Health: An Overview (3) comms, pops, & hlth. Effective AUT/1998.

    T NURS 553 Health Policy Development and Analysis (3) health policy. Effective WIN/1999.

    T NURS 561 Strategies for Community Planning, Organization, and Change (3) strats for chng. Effective AUT/1998.