Chamber Dance Company Repertoire
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Repertoire / Works Performed by the Chamber Dance Company
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Choreographer Title Premiere Date
Llory Wilson Davenport Memoirs 1991
Charles Weidman Men's Dance 1936
Charles Weidman Lynchtown 1936
Charles Weidman Brahms Waltzes 1961
Charles Weidman Traditions 1935
Doug Varone Possession Quartet 1994
Twyla Tharp The Fugue 1970
Paul Taylor Aureole 1962
Paul Taylor 3 Epitaphs 1956
Paul Taylor Esplanade 1975
Ruth St. Denis Soaring 1920
Ruth St. Denis The Incense 1906
Ruth St. Denis White Nautch circa 1925
Ruth St. Denis Kashmiri Nacht 1908
Anna Sokolow Ballade 1965
Anna Sokolow Rooms (excerpts) 1955
Ted Shawn The Dances of Ted Shawn
Ted Shawn Mevlevi Dervish 1929, Carnegie Hall, N...
Ted Shawn Olympiad: A Suite of S... 1938
Shapiro and Smith Dance To Have and To Hold 1989
Oskar Schlemmer Bauhaus Dances 1927-1929 at The Bauha...
Stephen Petronio Lareigne 1995
Moses Pendleton Bonsai 1979
David Parsons The Envelope 1984
Alwin Nikolais Pond 1982
Alwin Nikolais Imago Suite (The City ... 1963
Alwin Nikolais Tensile Involvement 1953
Vaslav Nijinsky L’Apres-midi d... 1912
Daniel Nagrin Dances of Daniel Nagrin
Mark Morris Canonic Studies 1982
Elisa Monte Pigs and Fishes 1982
Bebe Miller Cantos Gordos 1994
Donald McKayle Dink's Blues 1959
Susan Marshall Kiss 1987
Wade Madsen Embrace 1983
Lar Lubovitch North Star 1978
Murray Louis Four Brubeck Pieces 1984
Bella Lewitzky The Song of the Woman 1982
Hannah Kahn Debussy Dance 1975
Hannah Kahn Ring 1979
Bill T. Jones D-Man in the Waters, S... 1989
Doris Humphrey Invention 1949
Doris Humphrey Water Study 1928
Doris Humphrey Soaring 1920
Doris Humphrey Air for the G String 1928
Doris Humphrey Two Ecstatic Themes 1931
Hanya Holm Ratatat 1982
Erick Hawkins Classic Kite Tails 1972
Pat Graney Table 1984
Martha Graham Chronicle 1936
Martha Graham Primitive Mysteries 1931
Zvi Gotheiner Dances of Zvi Gotheiner
Joseph Gifford The Pursued 1947
Eve Gentry Tenant of the Street 1938
Loe Fuller Dances of Loe Fuller
Dan Froot Bull 1994
Louis Falco Escargot 1978
Bill Evans For Betty 1970
Doug Elkins Center My Heart (excerpt) 1996, Bessie Award 1997
Isadora Duncan The Furies circa 1906
Isadora Duncan Classical Duet circa 1903
Isadora Duncan The Mother circa 1921
Isadora Duncan Petals circa 1905
Isadora Duncan The Revolutionary circa 1922
Isadora Duncan Ballspiel circa 1903
Isadora Duncan The Three Graces circa 1918
Isadora Duncan Water Study circa 1903
Jane Dudley Harmonica Breakdown 1938
David Dorfman Bull 1994
Mark Dendy Dances of Mark Dendy
Laura Dean Sky Light 1982
Danny Buraczeski Blue on the Moon 1989
Tandy Beal Heisenberg Principle 1982