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Soaring / Ruth St. Denis
Early modern dance pioneer
Remembering that man is indeed the microcosm, the universe in miniature, the Divine Dance of the future should be able to convey with its slightest gestures some significance of the universe.
Ruth St. Denis
View a video of this performance at the UW Media Center.
Premiere Date: 1920
Music: Robert Schumann, Aufschwung
Lighting Design: Michael Wellborn
Set Design: Michael Wellborn
Staging: Lois Rathvon from Labanotation
Costume Realization: Christine Smith
Rehearsal Direction: Lois Rathvon and Hannah C. Wiley
Musicians: Michael Cava
Dancers: Ursula Miller with Victoria Anderson, Dorienne Gantar, Kara O’Toole, Leslie Partridge
Performance Date: January 30, 1999
Performance Location: Meany Theater, University of Washington
Ruth St. Denis Works:
Title Staging Premiere Date
Kashmiri Nacht Lois Rathvon from La... 1908
The Incense Lois Rathvon from La... 1906
White Nautch Lois Rathvon from La... circa 1925