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Ballade / Anna Sokolow
American dancer, choreographer, educator, and company director
I felt a deep social sense about what I wanted to express, and . . . the things that affected me deeply personally [are] what I did, and commented on.
Anna Sokolow
Premiere Date: 1965
Music: Alexander Scriabin, selected works
Costume Design: Christine Smith
Lighting Design: Michael Wellborn
Staging: Lorry May
Rehearsal Direction: Hannah C. Wiley
Musicians: Asta Vaicekonis
Dancers: Rebecca Chisman, Eric Clothier, Chalie Livingston, Kory Perigo
Performance Date: February 2004
Performance Location: Meany Hall, University of Washington
Anna Sokolow Works:
Title Staging Premiere Date
Rooms (excerpts) Lorry May 1955