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Dances of Mark Dendy / Mark Dendy
American choreographer, playwright and actor
When I came here [to New York], in the early 1980s, I was wild and I was angry and I was going to destroy the closet of gay choreographers who pretended their dances were about men and women. I was going to have men dancing with men, and everybody in dresses.
Dance Magazine 2003
Costume Design: Christine Smith
Lighting Design: Michael Wellborn
Staging: Mark Dendy
Rehearsal Direction: Hannah C. Wiley
Dance 1: Beat
Dancers: Elizabeth Cooper, Holley Farmer, Robert Kitsos, Peter K. Kyle, Jr.
Premiere Date: 1985
Performance Date: February 24, 1996
Dance 2: Afternoon of the Fauns
Dancers: Pamela Geber, Maria Simpson
Music: Claude Debussy, LApres-midi dun faune
Premiere Date: 1996
Performance Date: February 27, 1997
Performance Location: Meany Hall, University of Washington