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Aureole / Paul Taylor
American dancer, choreographer, and company director
. . . for me, each new dance is like an adventure, and I'm trying to do something that I never tried before, and find movement that we [his company] haven't done before.
Ballet Magazine 2002
Premiere Date: 1962
Music: G. F. Handel, Excerpts from Concerti Grossi in C, F and Jeptha
Costume Design: George Tacet
Lighting Design: Thomas Skelton
Staging: Lila York
Lighting Realization: Michael Wellborn
Rehearsal Direction: Hannah C. Wiley
Dancers: Amy Chavasse, Amy Ernst, Dale Merrill, Rip Parker, Rhonda Summer
Performance Date: April 1991
Performance Location: Meany Hall, University of Washington
Paul Taylor Works:
Title Staging Premiere Date
3 Epitaphs Susan McGuire 1956
Esplanade Lila York 1975