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Use this application to apply for the DIRECT traineeship program (FAQ). Please note, this application is for master students only. Applications are due by 5:00 pm on October 23, 2020

Please note that recommendation letters are also due at the time of application. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that referees have sufficient time to submit their reference by the deadline. First year master students, you will also have the option to allow the committee to access reference letters from your application.

If applicants so desire, the system will send a message to referees when the application is submitted. If you are using this method to notify your referees, please make sure that you submit your application early enough to give your referees time to prepare the letter.

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Letters of support
We require you to provide two letters of reference. If you include an email addresses below, the system will automatically send a reference request to your advisor and a second reference of your choice (referee). If you do not include an email address, ask your advisor and referees to send letters of support to by the application deadline. If you are a first year student, we understand you don’t have an advisor yet and you just submitted letters with your master program application. Below is an option to allow the application committee to review your master program application materials instead of requesting references.
Check this box to authorize the application committee to review your master program application materials instead of requesting references. If clicking this box, please enter advisor name below, but do not enter an email.

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Please answer the following questions:

Describe your anticipated research during the 2020-2021 academic year (150 words max)

Please describe why you are interested in a data science training program and how it supports your future career goals (note that prior data science training or experience is not prerequisite for the program) (200 words max)

Please provide a statement explaining your graduation timeline and career goals (50 words max)

Please attach a single PDF of your CV listing undergraduate GPA, publications, presentations, and awards) (pdf only; 2MB limit):
I understand that DIRECT requires participation through the end of spring quarter. If accepted, I will commit to the program through mid June 2021.

Please review application fields carefully to ensure information is correct before clicking submit. Upon submission of this form, advisor and referee will be contacted and asked to send letter of reference directly to the DIRECT Application Committee at by the deadline. (If you checked the box to allow us to review your application materials instead of requesting references, please ensure that you did not include your advisor email address above.)

Both recommendations letters must be received for the application to be considered complete. If you do not receive a confirmation message upon submission, please refresh the page and resubmit.