ChemE 545 & 546

ChemE 545: Data Science Methods for Clean Energy Research & ChemE 546: Software Engineering for Molecular Data Scientists

A few open spots are available for non-DIRECT students from ChemE. Deadline to apply is November 12 at 5pm.

These spots are open to all grad students. More information on the courses is available here.
ChemE 545: Tuesday/Thursday 11:30am-12:50pm.
ChemE 546: Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-3:50pm.

Chemical Engineering also offers the Data Science Option.

Requirements are the following:

  • Complete ChemE 545 & 546
  • Complete one of the following approved courses in the area of data science, from the ChemE Advanced Data Science option (ADS) track or complete the DIRECT capstone project*:
    • Data Management: CSE 544 or CSE 414.
    • Machine Learning: CSE 546 or STAT 535 or CSE416/STAT416.
    • Data Visualization: CSE 512 orCSE412.
    • Statistics: STAT 509 or STAT 512-513.
  • Additionally students must register for and attend at least four quarters of the following interdisciplinary and community seminars in order to further expand their education and exposure to a diverse range of research topics at the nexus of ChemE and DataScience:
    • Clean Energy Institute Seminar
    • eScience Community Seminar
    • Molecular Engineering Institute Seminar

*Space in the DIRECT capstone project for non-DIRECT students will be decided based on availability of projects.

Space is limited. If interested, please fill out the short application below.
The committee will make a final decision and those students will be given add codes for the courses.

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ChemE 545 and 546 must be taken together. If accepted, I will commit to participating in both courses.

Please review application fields carefully to ensure information is correct before clicking submit. If you do not receive a confirmation message upon submission, please refresh the page and resubmit.