Data Science Accelerator Award

DIRECT Data Science Accelerator Award ensures an opportunity for trainees to continue learning and exploring the uses of data science in the world of clean energy innovation. This award is designed to recognize students that have innovative ideas and the motivation to continue applying data science methods in current research or with industry and global partners and continue the unique training experience of DIRECT.

All PhD trainees that have completed the DIRECT program are eligible to apply for the Data Science Accelerator Award. Data Science Accelerator Award is designated for DIRECT trainees to continue working with the data science skills acquired during the program and continue to apply the to clean energy research and innovation.

Program Details:

  • Qualified students must have completed all requirements of the DIRECT program
  • Student must have an innovative idea and specific application of data science to a core “advanced materials for energy” research project
  • Funding opportunities available for qualifying projects

Application Process:

  • Applications will open in mid summer
  • Applications reviewed by committee selection is made for 2nd round
  • In 2nd round, applicants will asked to refine their project and provide more specific details possibly including:
    • Detailed summary of the idea, research workflow and timetable, and funding needs
    • Lengthier proposal write up
    • In person meetings or presentation (pitch)
  • Based on 2nd round review of DSA applications, available funds, and the potential impact of the proposed projects, we expect to fund 0-2 DSA awards this year.  Every effort will be made to complete the DSA process by August 31.

Applications are now closed.