Data Science Internship

Do you have an internship opportunity?

DIRECT is offering funding to support summer internship opportunities, providing DIRECT trainees the opportunity to continued their professional development and gain real-world experience. External partners from non-profits, that are currently supporting a capstone project  are welcome to propose an summer internship for one (or more) DIRECT trainees.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to support internships with for-profit companies or Department of Energy National Labs

Funds available: DIRECT can offer a 50-100% match to help support a stipend for the summer. We ask that the internship sponsor match the support amount (if possible), demonstrate the potential for new professional development skills/opportunities, and propose a mentoring plan for the period.

Eligible students:  All DIRECT students who have completed the traineeship are eligible, and welcome to propose an internship on behalf of an external partner.


How to apply?

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