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2007 and earlier

Fall 2007 and earlier

  • Playhouse Theatre
    (University Week, May 2007)
    updated Nov. 2007
    New life for an old theatre by raising the roof

  • Arcadia
    (University Week April 2007)
    Staging Tom Stoppard's play

  • Alice Hays
    (University Week, Nov. 2006)
    Drama school awards degree -- 60 years later

  • Barry Witham
    (University Week, April 2006)
    Restored theater models spark interest in Depression-era WPA and the arts

  • Tommy
    (University Week, April 2006)
    UW undergrads re-create The Who's classic story

  • The Cherry Orchard
    (University Week, Nov. 2005)
    Russian director brings Chekhovian experience to drama school

  • Execution of Justice
    (University Week, April 2005)
    Was justice served or sacrificed? Play explores famous San Francisco murders

  • Odai Johnson
    (University Week, April 2005)
    An Early American Theatre - Lost and Found

  • Much Ado about Nothing
    (University Week, Feb. 2005)
    Shakespeare classic gets Civil War-era setting

  • Barry Witham
    (University Week, Feb. 2004)
    The local version of Federal Theatre Project

  • Seattle Children's Theatre
    (University Week, Jan. 2003)
    Drama students take over as local theater's Outsiders

  • Mark Jenkins
    (University Week, Jan. 2002)
    School of Drama plans 10-minute play festival