Faculty in Alphabetical Order

Faculty Listing by Area

Alm, Geoffrey

Lecturer Combat Training

Bryant-Bertail, Sarah

Associate Professor Emerita Theatre Theory and Criticism

Curtis-Newton, Valerie

Head of Performance, Professor Directing, Acting

Fracé, Jeffrey

Assistant Professor Suzuki and Viewpoints, Acting

Gates, Sarah Nash

Executive Director, Professor Costume Design

Hafso, Scott

Lecturer Speech and Singing

Jenkins, Mark

Professor Acting

Johnson, Odai

Head of Ph.D Program, Professor Theatre History

Jones, L. Zane

Associate Professor Acting and Directing

Korf, Geoff

Head of Design Program, Professor Lighting Design

Lienau, Phillip

Lecturer Scenic Design

Lynch, Thomas

Professor Scenic Design

Madden, Catherine

Principal Lecturer Alexander Technique

Magelssen, Scott

Associate Professor Theatre History

Mihaylova, Stefka

Assistant Professor Theatre Theory and Criticism

Postlewait, Thomas

Affiliate Professor Theatre History

Shahn, Judith

Senior Lecturer Voice and Dialects

Smith, Andrew D.

Lecturer Lighting Design

Trout, Deborah

Associate Professor Costume Design

Tsao, Andrew

Head of BA Program, Associate Professor Acting and Directing

Witham, Barry

Professor Emeritus Theatre History