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Disability Resources for Students

Classroom Relocation


Classroom Relocation is an accommodation approved by DRS on an individual basis through an interactive process between DRS and the student. It must be supported by the documented effects of the student’s disability. It is approved by DRS so students with disabilities can have equal access to campus classrooms and course content.

A course may be reassigned to another room or building if a student with a disability has impacts related to their ability to physically transport themselves with enough time during the passing periods or if the building or room the course is located in is physically inaccessible to them.

How to Use

Student Responsibilities

  • Use priority registration to select classes. Consider:
    • Distance between buildings
    • Time between classes (to travel or use Dial-A-Ride)
    • Dial-a-ride stop locations (map available on Dial-A-Ride website)
  • Check out your classrooms online for accessibility (see resources section below)
  • Select accommodations through myDRS. For each class, by checking one of the two options listed for each class:
    • Classroom Relocation (This room works for me, please keep it): Check this if you feel your classrooms are accessible to you. DRS will then make sure that the UW Time Schedule office does not move the class(es).
    • Classroom Relocation (I am not sure if this room works for me, please check). Check this if you are unsure of the accessibility of your classroom. DRS will use your completed classroom accessibility needs survey and classroom information we have on file to determine if relocation is needed. DRS will either request a relocation or request that your classroom is not relocated.

DRS Responsibility

Upon receiving a request through myDRS, DRS staff will submit needs to the Office of the Registrar to relocate inaccessible rooms, or to make sure accessible ones are not moved.

  • Office of the Registrar staff confirms if a relocation was possible to DRS Classroom Services staff.
    • Timely submission of requests is necessary as classroom relocations affect multiple departments and classrooms assignments.


Use these resources to check your classroom accessibility before requesting relocation:

Classroom Technology and Events building link. Each room has a floor plan listed.

Photos of generally assignable classrooms.

UW Facilities Access Guide for Persons with Disabilities

Link to myDRS Student Guide