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Disability Resources for Students

ADA 25th Anniversary Information


July 26th, 1990 marked the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act into law across the nation. July 26th, 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of this historical civil rights legislation for people with disabilities. The University of Washington will be celebrated this milestone April 2015-June 2016 through various campus events and activities.

News Articles on 25th ADA Anniversary Celebration and Reflection

People First Language and Disability Etiquette Resources

Disability History Exhibit

The Disability History Exhibit is a multiple panel collage that traces 3000 years of seldom-told history. From antiquity to the present, the exhibit brings viewers through an illustrated timeline that shows society’s attitudes and how they affect the lives of people with disabilities.

Campus Resources on Disability and Accessibility

Accessibility at UW

This website serves as the UW’s hub for information about accessible technology. Accessible technology includes electronic documents, websites, videos, software applications, and hardware devices that can be used effectively by everyone, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities. The UW community is collectively responsible for assuring the  technologies we choose, use, and create are fully accessible.

Online Document Conversion Tool

DRS and UW IT Accessibility Technology Services are piloting a free web based tool for students, staff and faculty to convert their own documents into an alternative format. It is called the Document Conversion Service and it is free to the UW campus.

Faculty Resources on Accessibility and Disability

Career Development and Students with Disabilities

Changes in federal legislation regarding employment are benefiting people with disabilities now more than ever. DRS, Career Services and DO-IT are partnering on creating resources and information as you embark on your transition to work after the UW.

Adaptive Yoga

Experienced teachers from Adaptive Yoga Northwest will explain how adaptive yoga works and offer participants an opportunity to experience poses and breathing techniques. Poses will be adapted to meet individual needs and participants in wheelchairs will be given assistance to transfer to the floor should they desire.

D Center

The D Center strives to create an inclusive, accessible space affirming of all bodies, minds and identities by fostering a culture of social justice and pride.

Disability Studies Events and Programs

Disability Studies at the University of Washington involves a multi-campus interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, students and community members, who share an interest in questions relating to society’s understanding of disability.