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Meet Our Staff

Disability Resources for Students

Leadership Team

Adiam Tesfay, Director, adiamt(at)

Andy Andrews, Assistant Director, Academic Services, andy4(at)

Brad Elmendorf, Assistant Director, Student Services. brade(at)

Student Services Team

Access Coordinators, by Academic College Liaison role

Schools of: Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Social Work

Kowan Russell, Senior Access Coordinator, kowanr(at)

Schools and Colleges: Built Environments, Engineering, Information School, Law

Olivia Acuff, Access Coordinator, oacuff(at)

Britt Neff, Access Coordinator, neffb(at) (on leave)

Schools and Colleges: Education, Environment, Foster School of Business, Evans School of Public Affairs, Law

Ashley Walton, Access Coordinator, ajwalton(at)

College of Arts and Sciences

Jennifer Britton, Access Coordinator, jenbri55(at) (Last Names A-G) (Interim- Last Names U-Z) 

Ana Palma, Access Coordinator, palmaa2(at) (Last Names H-O) (Interim- Last Names P, Q) 

Olivia Acuff, Access Coordinator, aocuff(at) (Interim- Last Names R, S, T)

Direct Access

Monique Chhabra, Direct Access Coordinator, mchhabra(at)

DRS Academic Services Team

Accessible Text & Technology

Shannon Garcia, Program Manager, lea(at)

Adaptive Technology

Carole Ockerman, Adaptive Technology Coordinator, cares19(at)

Testing Services

Andrew Lyon, Testing Services Manager, lyonel(at)

DRS Support Staff


vacant, Program Operations Specialist, (at)


Beth Blum, Academic Support Psychologist