Disability Resources for Students

Meet Our Staff

Bree Callahan, Director, breec@uw.edu

Bree is the Director of Disability Resources for Students and is responsible for the overall operations of the office and represents DRS on various campus committees related to access, disability, and accessibility. Bree has thirteen year’s experience in higher education at both two-year and four year institutions in Washington State. She has worked in a variety of higher education areas; admissions, academic advising, housing and residential life and disability services and holds a M. Ed in Higher Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Washington.

Jon McGough, Assistant Director, jondm@uw.edu

Jon is the Assistant Director and is responsible for working with students in the professional schools: Dentistry, Information, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Affairs, Public Health, Social Work. Jon has worked in higher education since 2007 first in financial aid and veteran services, then coordinating disability services for another university.

Britt Neff, Counselor,  neffb@uw.edu

Britt is a Counselor Services Coordinator working with students in the College of the Arts and Sciences. Britt has been with the Disability Resources for Students Office since 2008. With ten years of experience serving students with disabilities in higher education and a master’s degree in student development from Seattle University, Britt has worked in various academic settings including 4-year private institutions and community college. Britt believes that it is crucial to allow student’s voices to be heard across campus and seeks to create avenues for them to share their stories.

Terri Dobrich, Counselor, tdobrich@uw.edu

Terri is a Counselor and is responsible for working with students in the Foster Business School, the College of the Environment, the College of Built Environments and the College of Education. Terri has worked in higher education since 1998 starting with the University of Washington in the Disability Services Office. Before working in higher education, Terri worked many years with workers and veterans with disabilities.

Jake Swanke, Counselor, jakews@uw.edu

Jake works with students in the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, and UW’s student athletes. He graduated from the UW in 2008 with his BA and then went on to graduate school at Western Washington University where he earned a M.Ed. in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education. As an undergraduate at UW he studied political science and history and worked in the First Year Programs office.

Nina Parker-Cohen, Learning Specialistninapc@uw.edu

Nina is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the assessment and remediation of learning challenges in college students. She is responsible for the development and implementation of the academic coaching program in the DRS office. Nina has more than 25 years of experience in higher education settings.

Sam Karell, Program Support Supervisor, sbk3@uw.edu

Sam oversees the daily office operations for Disability Resources for students. She graduated from the UW in 2010 and has worked in higher education and Student Life for over 5 years.  Sam joined DRS team in Autumn 2014 and is excited to contribute in making the University of Washington an inclusive, equitable environment for all students.

Krista Greear, Access Text & Technology Program Manager, greeark@uw.edu

Krista’s love for helping students, technology and data is a great fit for her position as the Access Text and Technology Manager, where she provides accessible textbooks, coursepacks, articles and other instructional materials. She has served in higher education disability services, providing students with alternate text for 6 years — 4 as a part-time employee at Central Washington University and over 2 years full-time at the University of Washington. She is involved with the UW’s Web Council, Approaches on Accessibility interest group, Online Advising group and Husky Toastmasters. In her graduate work in Educational Technology, Krista aims to learn more about the tools, content and strategies faculty use to teach online and hybrid courses in order to train faculty how to create accessible-born courses, degrees and programs.

Kali Wagner, Classroom Services Program Manager, kaliw6@uw.edu

Kali manages the DRS Testing Center, Notetaking Program, furniture placement and room relocation. She has worked in higher education disability services for 3 years, and joined the UW DRS team in the Spring of 2013. In addition to working in DRS, Kali loves to read young adult fiction and attend costume parties. If she were a food, Kali would be a lemon poppy seed muffin.