Disability Resources for Students

Parents & Family

Going to college can be a significant transition for both student and family. For many students this is the first time they are separating from family and moving toward independence. This is an exciting time but the transition can also bring up concerns for all involved. Students with disabilities and their families must also understand what it means to transition to a university with a disability and what steps to take in order to receive support from Disability Resources for Students (DRS) at UW. While DRS cannot promise your student will succeed, we are committed to ensuring that your student has equal access to all UW programs and services, and facilitating opportunities for success.

Below are resources that will be helpful in facilitating a smooth transition to higher education. DRS is excited to be a partner with students during their journey at the UW.

Helping Your Student Get Started

In higher education, students have increased responsibility to request services. DRS encourages parents and family to direct their students to the resources below.

General UW Parent Information

Fall 2014- Spring 2015 Demographics of DRS Students (Seattle Only)

  • # of Students: 1619
  • # of UW Student Veterans: 54
  • # of International Students: 51
  • # of Graduating students: 261
  • # of Athletes: 98
  • # of DRS Students participating in a Study Abroad program: 75
  • Average GPA of DRS students over 2014-2015: 3.2