Melissa Moulton

Research Scientist, Applied Physics Laboratory

Dr. Melissa Moulton studies the dynamics and impacts of rip currents, storms, and other coastal processes using remote sensing, in situ observations, laboratory experiments, and numerical models.

Affiliate Faculty, Civil & Environmental Engineering Dept., UW, 2017-present
Senior Research Scientist/Engineer, Applied Physics Lab, UW, 2016-present

•PhD, Physical Oceanography, MIT-WHOI Joint Program, 2016
•BA, Physics, Amherst College, 2009

Melissa grew up roaming the barrier beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts with her sister and cousins. She was first exposed to the joys and challenges of scientific fieldwork during her undergraduate years at Amherst College, when she spent a summer investigating bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. Equipped with a penchant for fieldgoing science and a bachelor’s degree in Physics, Melissa headed back to Cape Cod to pursue a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program. Melissa enjoys being part of the Environmental Fluid Mechanics group at UW, and also can be found studying the coast from a distance at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO.

1013 NE 40th St, Box 355640
Applied Physics Laboratory
University of Washington
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Phone: (206) 221-7623